August 07, 2011

And suddenly violence is fashionable on the left again

After the vicious psycho Anders Breivik decided that the best way to express his anti-immigrant views was to shoot up a summer camp the left suddenly lost it love of violence and denounced it, and anybody that they felt they could smear by association no matter how tangental. It looked like the shock of the horrible murders had finally taught them that violence was not a good thing. Then some riots spring up after one gangster gets shot while trying to murder a police officer and suddenly violence is the best way ever of expressing a political opinion. Even if the only opinion these rioters were expressing was that they wanted more consumer goods. A bit of rioting by people that could be badged as ‘the oppressed’ and violence was something to be praised again. Anybody that does praise the violence enough is not sufficiently ‘right on’ and will get their turn up against the wall when the revolution comes. Well, the anti-violence noises were nice while they lasted.


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